Three integrated modules within the
ACCEO Childcare Services software

Our software includes features that can streamline administrative and accounting tasks in your childcare centre. Become more efficient by centralizing your operations using these three integrated modules.

Childcare Module

Manage child and parent files, invoice childcare fees, and produce year-end statements.

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Finance Module

Facilitate accounts payable management, banking operations, and production of reports and financial statements.

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Human Resources Module

You can manage employee files, process payroll, and produce remittances and tax statements.

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Complementary Options

These tools are designed to support all your requirements and integrate with the management software.

Website Creation

Create a website and include up to four secure spaces for parents, employees, board members, and childcare providers.

Communication Tool

Invoices, statements, and related documents can be sent by email securely in batches to the various people involved in the childcare centre operations.

Timesheet Management

Give employees the ability to enter their timesheets and enable supervisors to approve timesheets using the Tiempo web application.

Why choose ACCEO Childcare Services?

30 years

of expertise working with childcare services in Quebec


childcare centres currently using our software

94 %

of our customers report being very satisfied with their ACCEO Childcare Services software

Designed for every type of childcare environment

ACCEO Childcare Services provides custom features that are adapted to the particular needs of each different type of childcare centre.

Subsidized Installations

Our software meets all the ministère de la Famille requirements, as well as the needs childcare centres (CPEs) and subsidized daycares. The ACCEO Childcare Services software can manage service agreements, occupancy rates, group insurance, annual financial reports, pension plans, and more.

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Non-subsidized Installations

ACCEO Childcare Services also supports non-subsidized daycares and includes specifically designed features to create waiting lists, produce tax credit forms for childcare expenses and manage Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans (VRSPs) for employees.

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Linked to several organizations in the field

ACCEO Childcare Services functionalities can interface with other systems or software used to operate childcare services in Quebec.

Send actual attendance information from Amisgest to the software for invoicing purposes.

Using Passerelle 0-5, import data in child and parent files from La Place 0-5 to the software.

Transmit mandatory ICSGE data for the identification of educational childcare services clientele from the software to the ministère de la Famille system.

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